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Your Brow Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation

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Brow Lift 

Your Brow Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation Beverly Hills | Los AngelesA brow lift mitigates aging effects around the brows and forehead and makes the soft tissues of the forehead tighter to offer a more youthful definition to the forehead skin, eyebrows, and upper eyelids.

There are many brow lift techniques involving various incision lengths in diverse areas, and at times, using an endoscope.


During the pre-op consultation, the patient will have a chance to share their cosmetic needs with their surgeon. The surgeon will evaluate the prospective patient’s candidacy for a brow lift procedure and inform them about what this procedure can realistically achieve.


Reliable and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie MD provides brow lift plastic surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations and suburbs in this part of California.


Key Aspects of the Consultation Process


After the surgeon understands the patient’s goals, they will recommend the appropriate brow lift technique, and in some cases, additional or related procedures. The patient should be forthcoming about their requirements during their consultation with the surgeon.


They can also carry images of themselves from their younger days. Such pictures may be a good point-of-reference in discussing their aesthetic goals from this procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon will:


  • Ask the patient to look into a mirror and show them precisely what they feel bothered about regarding their brows and forehead appearance
  • Take pictures for the patient’s medical records, measure their face, and utilize computer imaging to display the improvements that the patient can anticipate
  • Assess the patient’s health status, including pre-existing medical conditions or risk factors
  • Assess the patient’s skin elasticity
  • Discuss the options and make recommendations regarding a course of treatment
  • Discuss possible outcomes, including potential risks or complications
  • Discuss the anesthesia type that they will use for the procedure


Treatment Plan


The surgeon will share the following recommendations and details with the patient as per the patient’s goals and physical attributes, and the experience and qualifications of the surgeon:


  • The surgical approach, including the type of procedure or combination of procedures
  • The results that the patient can expect
  • Related risks and complications
  • Alternatives for anesthesia and surgical venue
  • Pre-operative preparation
  • Post-operative outcomes
  • Share before-and-after pictures of past patients who have undergone similar procedures and address any concerns


The patient should be able to do the following during the pre-operative brow lift consultation:


  • Arrive at the most well-considered and informed choices regarding the procedure
  • Ensure that the surgeon is appropriate for their needs
  • Ensure that the pre-operative consultation is as rewarding as possible
  • Understand the various options, possible outcomes, and risk associated with the procedure


Establishing Candidacy


The surgeon will evaluate the following factors during the pre-op consultation:


  • Sagginess on the outside of the brows causing a sad expression
  • The central part of the brow may hang down making the patient appear angry
  • The presence of frown lines between the eyes


Discussing the Treatment Options


The occurrence of excessive lid skin, sagging upper eyelids, and droopy eyebrows are usually within the same patient. The surgeon cannot offer excellent cosmetic and functional outcomes unless all of these issues are treated. Asute Dr. Gary Motykie MD receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for brow lift surgery.


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Your Brow Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

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