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Facial Reshaping

Facial Reshaping Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

Aging, genetics, disease, and weight fluctuations are common causes that may lead to Facial Reshaping  Beverly Hills | Los Angelesfacial anomalies. Facial reshaping is a comprehensive facial plastic surgery procedure to improve the overall facial balance and proportion, and correct the anomalies in any specific facial features such as the nose, eyes, ears, lips, chin, or forehead. Rhinoplasty, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, facial fat transfer, implants, and other invasive or non-invasive procedures and techniques may be a part of the facial reshaping surgery. See all facial reshaping before and after photos.

Nose Reshaping

If the nose is disproportionately large or small in comparison to other facial features, the condition may be corrected with augmentation rhinoplasty or reduction rhinoplasty. In many cases, facial reshaping involving the nose will comprise more than one procedure to achieve the right facial balance. For instance, if the nose becomes more pronounced, the chin may appear under-stated. Therefore, the plastic surgeon will approach facial reshaping holistically in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Chin Augmentation

If the chin is either recessive or juts out too much, the surgeon may recommend chin augmentation or chin reduction procedure as a part of facial reshaping. In some cases, the chin’s position may be misplaced because the jaw as a whole may be too small or too large, which causes misaligned of the teeth. This may require maxilla-facial procedure in addition to facial reshaping. The chin bone can be reduced to make the jutting chin less pronounced, while a recessive skin can be built either through the insertion of an implant or by sliding the chin slightly forward.

 Cheek Reshaping

 If the cheek bones are flat, the surgeon may build them with the help of implants that will be placed over the cheek bones. The incisions in this case may be made inside the mouth where the upper gum and the cheek meet. Silicone based implants are typically used in this procedure as these are well-tolerated by the body. A bone graft may be needed in some cases, which may be taken from the hip crest.


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